Bike for a Free Coffee

Today, after a yummy lunch, I walked out of Everest on Grand and spotted a blue and yellow sign on the window that read - “Bicycle Benefits” 10% off!

The restaurant was a member of a nationwide organization, Bicycle Benefits, that provides bikers a discount at participating businesses. By purchasing a 5$ sticker and placing it on your helmet, you can receive discounts at coffee shops, grocery stores, or the florist simply by riding your bike.


In economic terms, biking is a positive externality, an activity that indirectly benefits society. By choosing not to drive their car, bikers are reducing global carbon emissions. In the ideal world, we would pay bikers to keep biking, or subsidize bike riding. And that’s where Bicycle Benefits come in.

The organization is raising awareness about the power of bike riding by offering bicyclers a reward at local businesses, similar to a subsidy. Consumers respond to incentives: BOGO, SALE, clearance, and so the signage is also growing a bike revolution.

Participating shops and cafes value the importance of bicycling, and are willing to give up some cash to offer discounts to those who ride their bikes. You can check out the Twin Cities participants

on a map

or in a handy Pocket List

And hop on your bike for a free coffee! You deserve it :)