Creative Approaches to Zero Waste

I've been posting on Facebook more than here, but the information is worthy of sharing! 

The past few years of work have been centered around waste - be it managing materials on a tv commercial sets, donating large custom props to keep them out of the landfill, helping the MN State Fair assess their front-of-the-house waste, to working with commercial entities and institutions to implement organics collection. 

Every little thing counts. I've noticed more recycling containers around the Minneapolis park systems and lakes and curbside organics recycling is just about roll out in Minneapolis!

Here are some links regarding waste initiatives around the world that make a difference:

Germany. A grocery store that translates to "Original Unpackaged". The entire store is package free! 

The Take Away did a great piece about Dan Barber, the executive chef and co-owner of Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Sleepy Hollow, NY. The restaurant makes no waste! Scraps are made into special lemonades, veggies burgers are made from peels and pulps. Innovation creating no waste, and food people didn't know they wanted! 

Clothes made from ocean trash and other plastic waste! 

Can Can Wonderland, mini golf and artist-created amusements: an economic engine for the arts, in St. Paul, recently received nearly 60 PVC tubes from EcoSet Consulting. This is one example of EcoSet keeping custom prop built for one meeting out of the landfill, giving materials to artists, and showcasing that reuse is also good for the budget!