Earth Day!

For me, Earth Day is every day. I spent the celebrated Earth Day (April 22) teaching elementary students at Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial School about compost, with Full Circle Organics.

Lake Crystal began collecting organics for recycling at the beginning of the school year. Earth Day was an opportunity to connect with each student and explain the industrial composting process to them. We brought examples of the nitrogen (greens) and carbon (browns) and the finished compost, showing them what's happening to their school lunches.

Organics recycling is starting to be more widely available throughout the state of Minnesota. Full Circle is one of the largest processors, with sites in Becker, Good Thunder and Shakopee. They also offer depackaging and preprocessing - allowing organics diversion from a part of the waste stream that previously wasn't able to be addressed.

If you don't currently have organics recycling, ask you hauler and call your city representatives. The more you ask, the faster it will happen!