Wish-Cycling is the desire to recycle everything possible, even if it's not actually recyclable. The Minneapolis Star Tribune just had an article on these lofty recycling behaviors. See more HERE.

One of the challenges of this industry is that often MRF's (Materials Recovery Facility) accept different materials. And that even though some things are recyclable - say plastic bags - it doesn't mean it can go to the same facility. 

Plastic bags are a great example. They are 100% percent recyclable. However... they totally mess up sorting machines. Eureka Recycling in Minneapolis has stated that they spend hours, HOURS, everyday, with the MRF machines down, picking bags out of the system.  

So. Thank you. Thank you for wanting to do the right thing. For hoping that all of your materials end up as new items to be used again and again. But the best line of defense...

When in doubt, throw it out!